Ost patients are treated in cancer clinics. There are two reasons for this. Historically, cancer specialists treated it before the cause was known. Moreover, the treatment requires the use of drugs typically required to treat cancer. Any cancer drugs utilized are usually given in smaller doses, which diminishes the severity of their side effects. Radiation therapy is rarely used, and special drugs may be prescribed for skin symptoms. If there is only one organ affected, steroids may be injected locally, or a drug called indomethacin may be used. viagra for sale no prescription Indomethacin is an anti-inflammatory medication that may achieve a similar response with less severe side effects. Prognosis the disease fluctuates markedly. Best price for viagra 5 mg If only one system is involved, the disease often resolves by itself. Multisystem disease usually needs treatment, although it may disappear spontaneously. The disease is not normally fatal unless organs vital to life are damaged. In general, the younger the child at diagnosis and the more organs involved, the poorer the outlook. If the condition resolves, there can still be long-term complications because of the damage done while the disease was active. Resources books ladisch, stephan. buy female viagra online uk "histiocytosis syndromes of childhood. viagra online without prescription " in nelson textbook of pediatrics. Edited by richard e. Behrman et al. Philadelphia: saunders, 2004. best place to buy viagra online Periodicals katz, b. buy viagra online australia fast delivery Z. "treatment for multisystem langerhans' cell histiocytosis. " journal of pediatrics 86 (february 2002): 280. generic viagra usa Seward, j. L. "generalized eruptive histiocytosis. do you need a prescription to buy viagra in australia " journal of the american academy dermatology 86 (january 2004): 116–20. Organizations histiocytosis association of america. 302 north broadway, pitman, nj 08071. Web site: www. viagra cheap online canada Histio. where can you buy viagra in the uk Org. [article by: linda k. Bennington, cns rosalyn carson-dewitt, md] american heritage stedman's medical dictionary: histiocytosis x top home > library > health > medical dictionary n. Active ingredients viagra viagra Any of a group of disorders of unknown cause characterized by histiocytic proliferation, including hand-schã¼ller-christian disease. viagra sale walmart Mosby's dental dictionary: histiocytosis x top home > library > health > dental dictionary n a group of diseases characterized by abnormal histiocyte activity. viagra for sale online Includes a chronic disseminated type (hand-schuller-christian disease) and a chronic localized type (eosinophilic granuloma). Related answers what is histiocytosis x? Read answer... Viagra for sale no prescription What disorders are associated with histiocytosis x? Read answer... What abnormality does histiocytosis x involve? viagra sale walmart Read answer... What is the prognosis for a patient afflicted with histiocytosis x? Read answer... viagra 25 mg cost Help us answer these how rar.